Nordic Tales

Nordic Tales is part of the Scandinavian design tradition which leads the way with regard to innovative lighting and furniture design.

Bright Sprout is a wooden fixture designed to hide the light bulb sockets on energy saving bulbs. With its soft, Nordic design it turns an important everyday function into an aesthetic experience. Bright Sprout is combined with a cord and a light bulb so you can design the finished look. Bright Sprout is designed to fit most incandescent and energy saving bulbs.

Nordic Tales is a story, that changes when you decide how to use your new product and its packaging. The product even arrives in a special designed, reusable packaging. Inside you find the Bright Sprout enclosed with wood shavings. Ready for picking and mounting as soon as you get home. In that way you become a part of the story of Nordic Tales and create a unique and personal design for yourself.

Nordic Tales Lighting covers decorative light that sets the mood, as well as state-of-the-art LED lighting customized for user needs. The many great potentials of LED technology will be all important in the making of lamps and sockets of the future.

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