Novel Cabinet Makers

"The world's newest furniture brand" as Novel Cabinet Makers would like to be known. With a touch of the past and a taste of the future, they think they have found a new way of thinking about furniture. With over 2 years of hard work, DOHMUS simply can't wait to show the UK their designs.

The collections are stunningly functional, and with the ambition to deliver new classics they only develop products that don't require use of assembly tools. That's rule number one. Practical usage meets innovative aesthetics.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Novel Cabinet Makers started as a two-man business. Anders Busk Faarborg is the designer and creative force, whereas Lars Rolf Jacobsen is the seasoned start-up specialist, who resides in San Francisco and implements his experiences from the digital industry in the notoriously conservative furniture business. Innovation is key to the their way of thinking.

DOHMUS is proud to present their first products the Reflection Mirrors, the Arch Tables and the Stock Shrlving System all from Novel Cabinet Makers, and really now.

Designs as beautiful as they are functional

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