The designer behind ShapingYourDay, Karina Mencke & Marcus Vagnby, after having worked in product design and architecture for many customers worldwide for more than a decade, in 2012 formed the brand ShapingYourDay to create and produce unique and functional lamps at affordable prices, without compromising on quality and form. The brand has been an absolute success!

The Snowflower is part of a series of self-assembly lamps with a non-glare light. The light is reflected and softened through the inner construction and 150 thin identical petals that are formed by gravity. The petals move when touched by hand or by a breeze. The final touch of gravity performs perfect curvatures on the slender design of Mencke & Vagnby.

DOHMUS is also proud to present the new Viggo furniture collection from ShapingYourDay.

The Viggo collection includes chairs, barstools, benches, dining tables and coffee tables.

"The Viggo chair is unique in its expression due to the two-piece construction, which gives the chair a classic shape and excellent comfort. This is the chair's story and legitimacy." Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby - designers.

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